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Are you a specialist dealer and interested in a concession of the Rolf Dillmann, a class of time?

To the specialized trade the following main points apply:

  • It is important to us that the shop fits the watch and the people in the shop can identify themselves with the Rolf Dillmann, a class of time. 
  • We are interested in a long-term business relation.
  • Guaranteed only one agent in the city. Thus the product remains exclusively.
  • When dissolving the business relation by the company Rolf Dillmann AG buy-back of the RD watches to the purchase price (departures reserved in case of not perfect conditions), because these watches do not come into a sellout.
  • You can take over naturally more watches, but the basic collection, consisting of the 5 down shown models, must be at least present, so that the representative assortment is ensured.
  • You get the packing and the display for free, as well as an advertising contribution, which we agree upon together.

With these conditions you receive with the assumption of the concession/watches a financially small risk and you are able to offer your customers something unique. 

We are pleased, if you contact us. So we can give you the detail information.

Basic collection

The model steel star cross section with leather and steel bracelet, the elegant black, as well as two colors as accent in the shop window, whereby also the red can be selected instead of the yellow or blue. 

General view

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