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What distinguishes your product ‘Rolf Dillmann, a class of time '? 

It is an aesthetic product, which was processed in each part in highest quality.
It is a fusion of singular aesthetics with modern technology. That Design makes the view of the visibly high-quality processing and gives the person a true experience of quality combined with reliability and a palpable feeling of luxury when wearing this unique top-class watch which exudes individuality, discerning style and success. 

What stands for an enterprise behind it? How big is it? 

The ‘Rolf Dillmann, a class of time’ is the product of a collaboration of more than 10 firms, each on of the best of its discipline. More than 50 persons in different professions work on this clock. The quality, which becomes impressive noticeable both in the Design and in the processing of the product, is unmistakably the handwriting of the house Dillmann, which is characterised for over 27 years by it. 

What means Swiss Made exactly?

The label stands for the traditionally high quality of Swiss products. Some time ago a large discussion in the Swiss clock federations was led, who entailed also an aggravation of the regulation. For the Swiss made label must be manufactured today at least 70% of the watch in Switzerland. The ‘Rolf Dillmann, a class of time ' is really produced in Switzerland, it is not a product, with which a part originates from China, an other from Taiwan and so on - no this watch is manufactured in Switzerland. 

Which connection does the watch with the Jaguar E-type and the Rolls Royce have? 

The Jaguar has a graceful designedness, this aesthetics is fascinating, the driving feeling is likewise. The Rolls Royce was still the latter, which had the singular classical Design, the newer Rolls Royce resembles ever more other auto marks.
The Jaguar is the legend absolutely, the Rolls Royce radiates noble Tradition. Both embodies Rolf Dillmann, a class of time '. 

What here do you pursue for a goal with your operational readiness level at the fair in Prague? 

While developing the ‚Rolf Dillmann, a class of time’ we saw that this will be something real unique. So we decided to make itself available the product world-wide for the specialist shops. Here in Prague we start to build a network of concessionaires out of the several contacts we will have on this fair. 

And why straight here in Prague? 

We looked for the potential fairs and compared the organisation, the possibilities, the image and of course the date of the fair. So we decided to choose the Incheba Praha as an ideal start for our product this autumn. After Prague there will be Munich – then we will see.

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